I was thrilled to see my dear friend Elizabeth Slaught so beautifully featured in Santa Barbara Magazine. I love seeing Elizabeth in her element, in process in her studio, creating her wonderful art.

I recently asked her about what inspires her, because she inspires me! Here’s what she shared:

What distinguishes your art and design sensibility?

I depict the human form as a means to present my perspective on life. By working with live models and in a timed format, my art evokes a sense of emotion. Each pose is no longer than 25 minutes.

What inspires you? 

Energy inspires me, quietude, all the old masters, all the emerging artists worldwide, and all the life around me!

What compels your work? 

Knowing that the beginning of all art is the human figure.

What are the top three guiding principles of your art and design? 

  • Ethos
  • Moving forward
  • Believing in the process

How do you describe your own personal style?

Classic and impressionistic.


Drawn to unique style

I first met Elizabeth years ago as a customer at Maison K. She was always attracted to very unique and special pieces, whether a vintage mirror or a Moroccan belt.

Elizabeth loves beautiful things with soul and is extremely discerning in what she chooses to surround herself with. She has an innate artistic sensibility along with a sharp editor’s eye.

I am always fascinated to see what strikes her fancy. I was not at all surprised to learn that she used to work as a graphic artist, and now is a fine artist; this makes perfect sense to me.  

Elizabeth is the most lovely, fun, beautiful person and our friendship evolved over our mutual love of pretty things, art, French culture and travel. She lives her life with passion and focus, love and humor — she's a great inspiration to me!

July 19, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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