The magazine luxe interiors + design LOS ANGELES recently showcased MAISON K with a fabulous illustration of our storefront and mention of our inlay furniture.


I consider inlay furniture and décor to be practical works of art that create interest and drama in a space. Whether you use a shell inlay mirror in a contemporary bathroom or an ornate bone inlay table in a traditional setting, they add a sensational touch of adventure and beauty.

I go directly to the source as regularly as I can because I get to find the more unique and unusual pieces that don’t always end up in the big importers' assortments.

And by the source, I mean Morocco and India. They are very different in styling, but equally beautiful. Typically, shell inlay is from Syria and is exquisite in its lightness and brightness. I love it all!


Bone inlay is often incorporated with fine wire work and set into wooden bases. We’ve had spectacular doors that people used to build into the homes. One couple chose a magnificent pair to lead to their master bedroom.

Another designer installed a gorgeous set of doors as the entrance to her clients’ walk-in closet. Wow, I want to see that closet!

For a more practical application, without a construction project, we typically have small and large mirrors, tables and decorative accessories on hand. There is really something for every home and budget.

The bone used in inlay furniture can be a natural, ivory color or dyed with henna and cut into small tiles. The tiles are then used to make intricate and bold patterns. The designs are so creative and beautiful the possibilities are truly endless.

July 19, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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