Spring is in the air and summer is around the corner. To prepare for the months ahead when you’re on the go, we just received a new shipment of the Riviera Tote.

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The beauty of this leather tote is in it chic simplicity and clean lines. It is sturdy, yet lightweight, and beautifully made in Italy of finely textured leather.

You won’t find heavy hardware and busy logos. You will find an easy-to-grab-and-go tote that works with your entire wardrobe whether you’re heading to the office, off to the farmers' market, exploring a seaside village or relaxing poolside.

The Riviera Tote travels well

The roomy tote fits everything you can toss its way and includes a small, zippered leather pouch that attaches to the interior with a leather tie. This is so handy for your phone, credit cards and keys.

Additionally, the tote travels well. It folds flat so it's easy to slip into your suitcase, allowing you the extra room so often needed on a trip.

Many colors to choose from 

We have several colors: Ivory, Dark Brown or Black on our website and more in the store. Please call for availability. Typically people buy one and then find they love it so much they buy another color as well.

I discovered this tote in Paris and called it the Riviera Tote because it personifies the chic ease of the Riviera lifestyle, whether that’s Italian, French or American.

I hope you enjoy using this wonderful tote as much as I do.

From Kim:

The climate, topography, landscape and beauty of Santa Barbara is so reminiscent of of the Mediteranean, and the French Riviera in particular, that it has come to be known as "the American Riviera."  No better place to experience our coastal idyll is at the iconic Four Seasons Biltmore on Channel drive, just a hop skip from Maison K.  The Biltmore, designed by Reginald D. Johnson,  is the perfect holiday destination for locals and visitors alike, with stunning gardens, a luxurious spa and salon, as well, the expanded ocean side terrace with views to the sea.  This terrace is delightful at all hours of the day, a marvelous place to soak up the splendor of our lovely town.

July 18, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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