Astier de Villatte Ceramics are Here

Did you know Astier de Villatte ceramics are made in the workshop that once housed Napoleon's silversmith?

Entirely handwrought in Paris, these ceramic plates embody a French style that is simple, unique and timeless.

Astier de Villatte Discovery

I have been in love with Astier de Villatte ceramics for years. I first discovered the line in 1996 at a gorgeous little shop in San Francisco, which prompted the start of my own personal collection with one small exquisite plate.

"Simple Side Plate"

At the time I was buying and developing product all over the world for a candle retailer. Our merchant team would usually start its global trek at the gift show in Paris for inspiration; to see what trends and colors were unfolding.

I would walk down the aisles filled with wonderful creations, scanning the booths for inspiration. I was always fixated on the Astier de Villatte presentations, vowing to sell their wares when I would have my own business one day.

Fast forward to 2002 and the dream of owning my own business became reality, and that included selling what I consider the most beautiful ceramics in the world. Handmade in Paris in the Bastille, in the workshop that used to house Napoleon's silversmith, the Astier de Villatte ceramics have a handwrought appearance that is treasured by its followers.

The Technique

Simple Mug

The base is black clay with a super complicated white glazing technique that only one or two workers have mastered. There is a fine line between too much and too little glaze. Almost every major company has attempted to copy the Astier de Villatte look but none have succeeded. From Vietri & Juliska to Target and World Market, everyone does try to emulate the look but Astier de Villatte is incomparable!

Because the line is all hand wrought and there is such global demand, it is sold in very few places. It is highly collectable and collectors are passionate about their plates, which are very user friendly. Most people use them everyday — the line is to be used, not just admired from afar.

Regence Fish Platter

The styles range from "simple" which is just that, classic and lovely in its simplicity to more detailed expressions. Every season there are more designers and silhouettes be they plates, vases or candle holders. Every creation is divine!


July 18, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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