From Kim:

Skyler's outfit would be the perfect ensemble for a day at Giverny. The smock is very much like those that Monet himself would wear.  His art speaks for itself, and a trip to his incredible home and gardens just outside of Paris provides a glimpse into his inspiration. After a rainy grey week in Paris it was a joy to see the billowing clouds adrift in a bright blue sky above these magnificent gardens. We managed to sneak in just as the morning crowd was leaving, and just before the noon crowd hit. The allees and arches were filled with glorious buds, the uber-famous lily pond reflected the clouds above, the wisteria was bursting in bloom on the Japanese bridge. If you are anywhere near Giverny, the trip is well worth it.  Meanwhile, back at home in Santa Barbara, a visit to the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens is always an inspiration and pleasure in our own backyard!

August 01, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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