From Kim:

For me, charcoal or slate, is the new black.  I love it in clothing as a softer alternative to black, as well as in jewelry, such as the rich antiqued silver and diamond feather and fern necklaces above.  It's also fabulous on homes and buildings. Shown left is the gorgeous Maison de Lucie where we recently stayed in Honfleur, on the Normandy Coast.  A number of the buildings in this fascinating and scenic seaside town are a slate color.  At first, I thought the buildings were painted, but upon closer inspection realized the facades are actually tiled in slate! It's a unique architectural treatment I've never seen before. Prior to our visit to Honfleur while still in Paris, I was trying on some shoes and chatting with the salesmen, mentioning we were off to Honfleur the next day.  His eyes lit up as he said "I was born in Honfleur!  You must have dinner at Restaurant Le Bréard, it's where my family celebrates birthdays and special occasions."  As promised, it was a divine meal and an incredible value.  Next time, I want to eat every dinner there!

August 01, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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