From Kim:

Indicative of many beach side communities is the palm tree. Is there anything that says summer and sunshine and balmy breezes more than an Arecaceae - as called by the botanists? What's most phenomenal is that there are so many types - 2600 species, living within a greater geographical range than you might imagine. Palms create an incredible array of goods that billions of people depend on. From coconut meat, milk and water to wax and oil, coir and rattan, dates, nuts, heart of palm and wine - there are numerous products derived from this tree. The palms here are probably about a hundred years old and stand majestically along Butterfly Beach; they beautifully sway with any wind.  The Palms in Carpinteria has photos of their young palms planted when they first opened in 1912.  I don't know if the ones there now are the originals but they are sky high.  An evening at The Palms is like falling into a time warp with the added fun, if you so choose, of getting to grill your own steak and halibut after a trip to their classic salad bar.  Happy Summer!

August 08, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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