From Kim:

I've been fascinated with Greek and Roman art and antiquity my entire life - I'm quite sure a very early visit to Ludington Court at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art started it all.  I have fond childhood memories of the museum where my mother was a docent for many years. Years later, I even met my husband there!  As a lapsed Art History student, I am still enchanted by museums of all sorts; that said the MET remains the ne plus ultra - especially with the addition of the MET Breuer. This makes for the perfect trio between the MET on 5th and The Cloisters. Pictured here is a bronze sculpture in the largest of the Greek and Roman galleries, standing on a finely tessellated floor surrounded by grand columns - very much evoking an ancient villa - quite a transformation from what was once a restaurant!

August 08, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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