From Kim:

Long on my must see list in Paris has been the Picasso Musée.  Closed for a 2 year renovation in 2009, it ended up taking 5, finally reopening in 2014. After all my business was complete (all the new spring accessories from Paris are in store now!) we headed to the Hôtel Salé, the grand 17th century home of the musée.  It was a cool grey day, and as we approached the narrow entrance, the portal opened into a majestic courtyard. The exquisite baroque design, particularly the grand stairwell, is the perfect contrast to all the work inside, showcasing Picasso's multi genre artistic range; ceramics, found objects, paintings and sculpture are all beautifully presented with meaningful english translations. There is a lovely garden and cafe as well, so one can make a great day of the visit soaking up a glorious range of art, history and architecture.

August 08, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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