Designers We Love: Amanda Masters

What distinguishes your interior design sensibility?

I mentally refer always to travels and experiences of having lived all over the world in my youth. I encountered so many different ways of living and aesthetics that I became convinced that there is not one particular style of decorating to love. I guess you could say that a curated but eclectic mix of furniture, antiques, and accessories would be my signature. I love lush fabrics and textiles. Morocco blew me away at 18 years old. It opened my eyes to how I wanted to live. I like surprising artful interiors whether they be modern or traditional. The architecture usually dictates the story and I try to pick up on the narrative! Visual interest and insight into the inhabitant are the key, while harmony, beauty and happiness are the result.

What inspires you? 

I am inspired by novels, movies, fantasies of grandeur and glamor. The 70s! Music and art. Punk and modern art. England, France, and Italy. Fashion and art plays a big part in my inspiration. I have the Orient on my mind too.  Sometimes I will think of a room inspired by a designers theme of their collection. I am very feminine in that way but like a practical Brit, I like my clients to be comfortable  and chic at the same time. I don't like to churn out the same interiors for everyone! Sensuality inspires's a love affair.

How do you incorporate your client’s style into your work?

Ask them what their fantasies are and how they would like to bring them to life in their environments. It is their world, I just like to supply them with the best choices to pick from within the look we have chosen and hopefully inspire them with my ideas and to really educate ourselves.

What are your favorite 3 most important rules of interior design? 


Balance- I like to feel that a special room in which to inspire needs balanced scale, good proportions, and light to dark to add drama. Softness is balanced out by very graphic art or surprising accessories and there is visual interest all around you. I am not keen on bland rooms with no books!


Drama- I adore giant dramatic fireplaces and artwork. I love surprising juxtapositions and I love it when people are taken aback by scale when they walk into a room. The drama is just so important to me. A worldly stage in my own back yard.

Comfort- many seats, many different places to sit in different lights. Reading lamps, drinks table, cushions, furs rugs and textiles, soft downy sofas and stacks of interesting books and objects to enjoy.  A wood fireplace. That is comfort to me.

How do you describe your own personal style?


I try to emulate my favorite style icons such as the Rolling stones, David Bowie, Anouska Hempel, Fleetwood mac, Yves St. Laurent and Andy Warhol. I keep abreast of all new stores and designers and I try to stay ahead of the curve, but let's face it, life is fluid so I like to accumulate grounding pieces that remind me of where I came from. I think my personal style is pretty English. I learned from the best.

What are your favorite Mantras? 


Live life and grow, be cool and listen to others, be free of convention, love yourself and create your own luck!

Thank you Amanda for opening our eyes to your life and inspirations, worldly influences and amazing interiors!


To learn more about Amanda and her work

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July 18, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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