Cozy up for Winter!

Finally, we are getting a taste of winter with our chilly nights! Alpaca and cashmere fibers have kept people warm for eons - but not with this much panache!  The ponchos are hand knit in Peru in a wonderful weight that keeps you lean and warm - without the bulk of a coat.  They will take you from a trail walk, to dinner and out to a movie with great ease and wonderful style!

From Kim:

Apart from sojourns in Washington DC and San Francisco for 15 years, Santa Barbara has been home. Even still, I discover new wonders in our beautiful city. One of my favorite finds the past couple of years, right under my nose, are the marvels of the Montecito Trails Foundation. Often I head off on a now familiar path, at other times when I have the time, I venture down a trail having no idea where it goes, but I know it will be lovey!  This particular path led me eventually to Cafe Luna in Summerland where I enjoyed their fabulous poached egg huevos rancheros and coffee. Olé!

July 18, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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