Signature Candle Marrakech


Brand Maison K

Gorgeous fragrances ensconced in a mercury glass container to be reused as a vase or votive holder.

Each signature MAISON K candle uses the finest natural ingredients including soy wax, which burns longer and cleaner than regular paraffin-based candles.
- Hand-poured vegetable soy wax
- Essential oils and natural fragrances
- Safe cotton lead-free wicks
- Approx. burn time 60 hours


The bazaar is hot and heady with its beguiling array of scents, sights and sounds. Heading to your riad, you ring to be let in. In a moment, the heavy door swings open gently and you enter into the cool interior garden which is silent except for the central fountain. You are handed a cup of tea and melt into a beautiful chair, which you realize is made of sandalwood. Its elegant and earthy fragrance mingles with the musk and vetiver nearby. Luscious peace!