Lucky's occupies a building complex originally constructed as the Montecito Bungalows back in 1926 when Coast Village Road was part of Highway 1, the original Pacific Coast Highway.

A variety of individuals and businesses would occupy this complex as the old Coast Highway was eventually replaced by US101 as the main artery of California travel and commerce.

Among businesses occupying this spot were: The Pink Squirrel Bar in the '50s; Ireland's Restaurant in the '60s; Chanteclair in the '70s; Santa Fe in the '80s; The Grill Restaurant & Sports Bar and the Coast Village Grill in the '90s.

By the end of the '90s, 1279 Coast Village Road began to succumb to the strain of its many years of service and local legend spoke of the location as being out of luck.

Gene Montesano believes in luck and he knows that the harder one works, the more luck one has. So Gene, with his friends, Jimmy Argyropoulos and Herb Simon, took over the business at 1279 Coast Village Road. They gave it the makeover it deserved after so many years of good service to its community.

Gene and his friends were right and 1279 Coast Village Road once again serves its community as LUCKY’S: Montecito’s second living room. They hope you enjoy the end result of their hard work. They know you deserve it after a long day of working hard for good luck of your own.

February 20, 2018 by Kimberly Hayes
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