California Dreaming – The Perfect Accessories

______________________________________________ FROM KIMBERLY Above the sea (at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park) and below the sea (at Monterey Bay Aquarium), we are on a grand coastal tour from Santa Barbara to San Francisco with our 10-year-old granddaughter. First stop, Hearst Castle – I’d not been since I was a child myself and was awed by Continue Reading

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July 31, 2015 by maison

Baroque Majesty From Italy

_______________________________________ FROM KIMBERLY Pearls are often considered the “Queen of Gems” and have been prized for thousands of years; the first historical mention is from China, some 2,300 years ago. Speaking of China, I just got to see “Through the Looking Glass,” a show-stopping exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Continue Reading

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June 25, 2015 by maison

Bohemian Chic

_______________________________________ FROM KIMBERLY Padding about in my Bohemian chic sandals from Marrakech, we were on an errand downtown the other day, parking near the SB Historical Society. After completing our task we tucked in for a quick visit, so worthwhile! It’s a fabulous museum dedicated to the history of Santa Barbara, chock-a-block full of  interesting Continue Reading

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June 18, 2015 by maison

Skyler’s Picks – A Saturday Out And About

____________________________________ FROM KIMBERLY Skyler’s outfit would be the perfect ensemble for a day at Giverny. The smock is very much like those that Monet himself would wear.  His art speaks for itself, and a trip to his incredible home and gardens just outside of Paris provides a glimpse into his inspiration. After a rainy grey Continue Reading

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June 05, 2015 by maison

Outdoor Elegance

____________________________________________ FROM KIMBERLY Living in Santa Barbara, we enjoy a marvelous indoor / outdoor lifestyle. We have the luxury of living and dining outside many months of the year, surrounded by the outdoor elegance of flowering trees and bushes. For those living in New York City, especially after a very cold winter with snow-covered streets, Continue Reading

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May 01, 2015 by maison

Sparkle Shimmer and Glow

We are so excited to share this divine new jewelry collection with you! There is nothing like the beauty of diamonds and natural stones to add elegance and sophistication to any ensemble, whether it’s a white t-shirt and jeans, or a little black dress.These one-of-a-kind pieces from Turkey are perfect to wear now, to kick Continue Reading

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November 13, 2014 by maison

Fall Into Luxurious Textures

We have a stunning new assortment of luxurious textures and textiles in a marvelous range of natural colors and amazing fibers. Lovely clothes and scarves to wear, as well as pieces to decorate and add comfort and beauty to your home. Come and experience the soft touch and elegance of these pieces in our new Continue Reading

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October 16, 2014 by maison

New Arrivals from France, Silk Scarves

FROM KIMBERLY  Arriving at San Francisco International Airport a couple days ago, after 30 hours of travel from India where I was finding wonderful new things for Maison K, I was entranced by a marvelous exhibit : Lace: A Sumptuous History 1600s-1900s. Prior to being in India I was in Paris where I found the fantastic silk Continue Reading

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March 01, 2014 by maison

Holiday Inspiration

If you haven’t visited already, please check out our blog PAPILLON to keep updated with our Holiday Countdown!   Each day, we feature a holiday décor or gift giving idea which we hope will inspire you now and through the Holidays.    FROM KIMBERLY Speaking of gifts, one of the greatest ever, is that of the Smithsonian Institutionin Washington DC. I Continue Reading

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November 30, 2013 by maison

Brand New Colors

    FROM KIMBERLY For years, I had heard of a French language emersion school located in the south of France on the French Riviera.  Situated in Ville Franche sur Mer, in a villa on a steep hill overlooking one of the deepest natural harbors of the mediterranean, the Institute de Francais is an intensive 9-5/ 5 days Continue Reading

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October 17, 2013 by maison