Summer Styles…

__________________________________________ FROM KIMBERLY I’m crazy for basketry, it’s a practical artistic tradition I love; all the more so with the jaunty tassels and tufts shown above! Considering African arts, I can’t help but think of the incredible inspiration the sculptural arts, in particular were, for many European artists early in the 20th century.  Matisse, Picasso, Continue Reading

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April 12, 2016 by maison

Treasures From Turkey

___________________________________________ FROM KIMBERLY Prevalent throughout the Harem at Topkapi Palace in Istanbul are the exquisite tiles – these are certainly treasures from Turkey too.  While it’s a considerable investment to tile walls or floors, one can capture the beauty of these patterns in a very different medium with the pillows above. Typically, tile patterns are Continue Reading

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January 24, 2016 by maison

Snuggle Up

____________________________________ FROM KIMBERLY Located in the Engadine Valley, Pontresina is a charming mountain resort town in south eastern Switzerland,10 minutes from it’s better known neighbor St. Moritz. Many of the old village homes dating from the 17th and 18th centuries, are decorated with an incised decoration called “sgraffito” (the Italian term to scratch, and where Continue Reading

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November 03, 2015 by maison

Loving Nature

___________________________________ FROM KIMBERLY Just home from a holiday in Switzerland with National Geographic Expeditions — an amazing trip, predominantly by train.  One of the highlights was the magnificent sight of the Matterhorn, (instilled in my mind since the “bobsled ride” on “The Matterhorn” at Disneyland circa 1967.)  The peak is the beloved symbol of Switzerland, the land Continue Reading

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October 23, 2015 by maison

Autumnal Lustre

________________________________________ FROM KIMBERLY This is the view from Room 301 at Relais Santa Croce in Florence. This site, along with the ringing of the evening bells brought visions of “A Room with a View” (a personal favorite) to mind. The art, architecture, the textiles, the food, pasticceria, and gelateria so much, an endless delight.  There Continue Reading

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October 16, 2015 by maison

Tea Trays From Morocco

______________________________ FROM KIMBERLY Ubiquitous mint, found in gorgeous heaps throughout the medina in Marrakech, always delights. The glorious scent wafts down the alleyways as people carry bunches home to prepare fresh tea. Mint tea is not just a refreshing beverage, but as importantly, a ritual and art form,; it represents friendship and hospitality. Go to Continue Reading

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September 26, 2015 by maison

Hand Embroidered Textiles From Mexico

____________________________________________ FROM KIMBERLY Several years ago I had the pleasure of celebrating a friend’s birthday in Mexico at Costa Careyes, located on the Pacific between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo. The resort was created by an Italian entrepenur who envisioned a grand, other worldly, eco-friendly resort utilizing a traditional yet contemporary Mexican architecture and design vernacular. Continue Reading

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July 25, 2015 by maison