spring dressing at maison k



moroccan cookies bakeryThere is nothing that will stop me in my tracks or compel me to head into unknown neighborhoods like a wonderful bakery. Pictured left are a few of the sweet treats from one of my favorite pâtisseries in the world. Located in “la nouvelle ville” in Marrakech, Patisserie Al Jawda is the most precious shop, its numerous tile bays filled with glass shelves lined with an astonishing variety of “ghoriba”, delectable coorocmade of semolina, sesame, almonds, rose water, orange flower water, honey, dates, anise and more. Further north, back in Paris it’s Pierre Hermé that makes me swoon with exquisite chocolates and his famous Rose Ispahan croissant. When in NYC, it’s the Donut Plant and closer to home
back in SB, in need of a sweet treat you’ll find me with a slice of carrot cake from The Savoy Cafe.  Time for tea and cake!

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