silk scarves from france at maison k, montecito ca
lace pattern silk scarves at maison k, santa barbara ca
Arriving at San Francisco International Airport a couple days ago, after 30 hours of travel from India where I was finding wonderful new things for Maison K, I was entranced by a marvelous exhibit : Lace: A Sumptuous History 1600s-1900sPrior to being in India I was in Paris where I found the fantastic silk scarves shown above, designed with a beautiful lace and floral pattern.
I love lace! This beautifully displayed show explores a wide range of laces made over the centuries.  It succinctly explains the historical and technical development of lace and the various types with gorgeous, mind boggling examples be they edgings, parasols, gloves, collars or dresses. What exquisite creations!
The exhibit was made possible by generous loans from Lacis Museum of Lace & Textiles in Berkely, CA and The Lace Museum in Sunnyvale, CAI have never been to either museum but now look forward to further exploring this remarkable art form the next time I am near.


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March 01, 2014 by maison