FAVORITE ACCESSORIES AT MAISON KThis wonderful sculpture is one of many incredible works of art at Rockefeller Center in NYC. 30 Rock was conceived by John D. Rockefeller Jr. and put 40,000 people to work during the depression; architects, engineers, craftsmen, artists and builders. The beautiful fountainhead Nereid (sea nymph ) left, rides a spouting dolphin along a landscaped waterway leading from 5th Avenue toward the sunken garden interior. She is one of five Nereids here representing Leadership, Will, Thought, Imagination and Alertness. Their sculptor, Rene Paul Chambellan, specialized in architectural sculpture and was known for “French Moderne Style” or Zig Zag moderne; what we now call Art Deco.  The waterway is exquisite all seasons, here, under a dusting of snow.

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