Riviera Tote in new colors at MAISON K

Maison K, Brand New Colors, Riviera Tote, From Kimberly, Aime Maeght, Beaulieu sur MerFor years, I had heard of a French language emersion school located in the south of France on the French Riviera.  Situated in Ville Franche sur Mer, in a villa on a steep hill overlooking one of the deepest natural harbors of the mediterranean, the Institute de Francais is an intensive 9-5/ 5 days a week commitment for one month.  My high school French was sorely put to test – and I came out the other side with a diploma stating most improved!  During the weekends, we (adult) students from all over the world would take the bus to Nice, walk to the market nearby in Beaulieu sur Mer, (where I found fabulous Italian clothing for the store) and take bus trips to the surrounding areas.  Shown here is an image from the garden of Foundation Maeght located in St. Paul de Vance. Inaugurated in 1964, it is a private foundation conceived by Marguerite and Aimé Maeght, a showcase of contemporary art and architecture surrounded by nature. Works by Giacometti, Miro, Chagall and Braque, among other artists collaborated in creating a unique creation and experience.


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October 17, 2013 by maison