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BLACK FRIDAY jewelry saleIt’s Thanksgiving, a time to stop and reflect upon our blessings large and small. One of the most fundamental things to be grateful for is our health and well being. And for those without it, we do what we can to help their healing. Last Saturday a group of friends and I participated in an Ultimate Hike; what turned out to be 15 magnificent, snowy miles on a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail in Big Bear.  This was a fundraising challenge for Cure Search, an organization dedicated to easing and eradicating childhood cancer. The night before our walk in the woods, people shared their stories and reasons for participating. There were several pediatric oncologists and nurses; inspired by their experiences with their young patients and their gratefulness for the tools Cure Search provides them to help guide families when a child is diagnosed with cancer. There were people whose children had survived cancer and others who had lost a precious child. They were all there, we were there, because we can take these physical steps which are also metaphorical steps toward a solution to such devastating illnesses. If interested please visit  The Ramblin’ Roses  website; through December, the proceeds of our offerings go to Cure Search.  


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November 27, 2013 by maison
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