I had to share some of the beautiful sights I’m enjoying while shopping in France.  As we speak, my Paris purchases are on their way to Maison K. Fabulous new summer scarves, jewelry and purses will arrive soon. As always, there is an abundance of beauty and inspiration here. It’s the height of a very wet spring with trees and flowers bursting in bloom. The City of Light always delights my eye with it’s stunning architecture, lovely gardens, incredible style and luscious colors. In addition to Paris, a new favorite destination is Honfleur, situated on the northwest coast of France, about two hours west of Paris. I found incredible antique linen shirts, gorgeous handmade lace tablecloths, and a to-die-for set of garden chairs.  All will be in transit soon!

Now off to Marrakech for more wonderful treasures…

  1. Pont Neuf on the way to dinner at Place Dauphine, Paris
  2. Half-timbered houses in medieval village of Honfleur
  3. Street view in Honfleur
  4. Vieux Basin, the inner harbor of Honfleur
  5. Wisteria-covered arches leading to Impressionist Museum in Giverny
  6. Kugelhoph at Gerard Mulot, Paris
  7. Spinning plate display at Isabel Marant, Paris
  8. Gorgeous arrangement in drawing room at Maison de Lucie
  9. Mermaid bas relief on home in Honfleur
  10. Hotel Maison de Lucie in Honfleur
  11. Stone building on Rue de Capucins in Honfleur
  12. Beautiful dining room at our friends home in Paris
August 01, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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