Pack your bags for a "vacances sur la côté", a "holiday on

the coast".  Whatever seaside town you visit, a simple wardrobe

of snappy stripes, timeless navy and bright white will take you

from day to evening in impeccable style.


Take a cue from the French Navy and make

your own waves this summer!


  1. Astier de Villatte Marseille Candle 85.
  2. Stripe sailor t-shirt 78.
  3. Cashmere tassel poncho 295.
  4. White banded sun hat 125.
  5. Suede lariat with baroque pearl necklace 295.
  6. Navy trouser pant 145.
  7. Moc croc leather tote 395.
  8. Handmade leather sandal 145.
  9. Astier de Villatte Höedic Candle 85.

From Kim:

There are a wide array of incredibly picturesque seaside towns and cities on the coasts of France. Each is the expression of the people, commerce and resources particular to that area. On the "côté ouest" is the harbor of Honfleur (pictured above), an ancient port town in Normandy near the English Channel. The architecture is enchanting, many buildings are constructed in half timber, or the native slate. On the "côté sud", Marseille is situated on the Mediterranean Sea. Founded in 600 BC as a Grecian colony, it has always been an epicenter of maritime trade and commerce, with diverse influences from all over the vast region. Pictured here is the interior of "Notre Dame de la Garde" a 19th century Roman Byzantine Basilica which rises skyward on the highest hill in the city. With a commanding 360 degree view of the sea and city, La Garde (The Guard), has been an observation post since Roman times. Years later, a small Christian chapel was built there, where from time immemorial, fisherman, sailors and families have prayed for safe voyages. To honor the miracles of safe passage, centuries of seamen have created ex-votos to display in the church; either miniature boats to suspend from the ceiling, or paintings or plaques to hang on the walls to commemorate their salvation from the sea.  "if you want to learn to pray, go to sea" is a well known maxim in Marseille. This basilica is a stunning homage to fortitude, faith, family and fraternity.

August 08, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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