Made exclusively with natural oils and extracts, Sarabecca's two fragrances, "Day" and "Night" are a true product of nature. "Day" has notes of jasmine, tuberose and muguet and "Night" includes notes of bergamot, ginger and patchouli.  Housed in an etched bottle from France and packaged in a beautiful box with artwork by local artist Carin Gerard, you will want to enjoy both fragrances for yourself as well as to give as gifts.

From Kim:

Today, a perfume made with real plant extracts and natural oils is a true rarity.  But for eons before the 20th century, all fragrances were naturally derived, often from plants tended to in European cloister gardens.  One of the most spectacular institutions dedicated to medieval art and architecture is that of "The Cloisters", a branch of the the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  Spectacularly poised in Fort Tyron Park above the Hudson River, a patische of European cloisters create a serene and fascinating impression of medieval monastical life.  It is a wonderful escape for an afternoon, where you can relax in the porticos of the cloisters, peruse the plants in the gardens and marvel at the mystique and majesty of one of the most famous pieces of art in the world, The Unicorn in Captivity a 15th century tapestry depicting the ever elusive Unicorn amidst a field of flowers.

July 18, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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