From Kim:

What treasures we enjoy here in Santa Barbara  - between the architectural gems, cultural history and events, the incredible landscapes and vistas, we are blessed beyond compare. Growing up here, I appreciated this lovely environ because I was taught to notice and appreciate it by my mother, a teacher who loves art, nature, fashion and the textile arts, and my father, an architect and music lover who settled our family here. My roots in retail started long ago when Wendy Foster hired me for a summer job in High School. After working there for many years and getting my degree in Art History at UCSB, I moved to Washington DC and then to San Francisco where I lived for years before returning home to found MAISON K 17 years ago. Given this background, is it any wonder I do what I do?! Now I marvel all the more at our sweet city; the year round flowering bushes and trees all over town, the gorgeous sandstone walls, bridges and pavers, the tile roofs and whitewashed walls, the sunsets over the sea. Pictured here is Arroyo Burro Beach, the terminus of Arroyo Burro Creek, also known as Hendry's Beach where in my youth I spent many happy days in the surf and sand. Thanks to my grand daughters, and the hours we've spent in the waves each summer, I've reconnected with my love of the beach and the sound of the sea - it's timeless, ageless motion restores me!

August 08, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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