From Kim:

Knowing we would be in Milan briefly, I bought a tiny guide book; Lonely Planet "Pocket" Milan & The Lakes.  It had an intriguing cover photo of what looked to be the rooftop of a gothic cathedral. Delving inside I learned indeed, one can visit the rooftop of the Duomo, so it was a "Milan Must" for me.  We took a lift directly to the top and there began a phenomenal walk on the narrow pathways around the circumference of the roof, eventually climbing a skinny stairway to the tip top. There were hundreds of airy, intricately carved spires, humorous gargoyles, flying buttresses and marvelous statuary of saints, all seeming to float like an island on a cloud, with breath taking 360 degree views of the city surround.  The first cathedral was built on this site in the 4th century; this iteration was begun in the 14th century and took 600 years to complete.  There is a massive restoration and cleaning taking place; pictured, you can see the contrast of the work.  Mark Twain was in awe of this cathedral; Oscar Wilde not so much. I personnally love this other worldly fairy tale beauty of a cathedral.

August 07, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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