From Kim:

The American Hotel in Sag Harbor Long Island, sits on the site of The James Howell Inn which during the revolutionary war, was housing British officers.  In 1778, a small group of American patriots seized control of the harbor (once a port of entry for New York) by capturing the officers at the inn. It's believed the original inn burnt down and was replaced by a brick building in 1824, and renamed "The American House" in 1876.  It's one of the most charming hotel/bar/restaurants I know of, complete with an award winning wine list. (In fact while enjoying breakfast on the veranda, the owner was there tasting wine presented by a French wine salesman.)  Not far away in East Hampton, enjoy one of Ina Garten's favorite Long Island restaurants (and now ours too) The 1770 House.  There is something very moving about being in buildings that have such history, and were present during the birth of our nation.  God Bless America!  

August 01, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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