The pretty flair design of these shot glasses make an elegant wedding, hostess or house-warming gift.

Santa Barbara Magazine (Spring 2014) recently included Maison K’s beautiful shot glasses (set of six glasses, $105) in their Weddings section. They include all the elements of an elegant gift: timeless, useful, heirlooms in the making.

I chose these shot glasses because they are festive in a subtle way. The hand-etched botanic designs are then hand-painted with platinum. The design is both chic and classic. The weighted base makes the glasses feel solid in your hand, making it a suitable gift for men and women alike. The set includes two of three different patterns.

Shot glasses are more versatile than you think

Everyone loves these beautiful shot glasses. They are ideal for a variety of drinks and occasions: shots, aperitifs, digestifs, port and grappa to name a few.

To complete the gift, consider a nice bottle of your friend’s favorite libation. This is an especially nice touch for a wedding gift; grooms enjoy being included in the gift with a bottle of their favorite drink.

And if you prefer not to give alcohol, consider the plethora of flavored waters, like elderflower water or another exotic drink that would be a treat.

The glasses also come in a taller version, which serves equally well as a champagne flute or beautiful glass for hand-squeezed grapefruit juice. 

Easy and refreshing entertaining

I discovered one of my favorite refreshing drinks in India: Fresh Lime Soda. Use these glasses to make your own. It’s simply lots of fresh lime juice, bubbly water and ice. Many people also enjoy a splash of simple syrup to sweeten it a bit. I also like a sprig of mint. It makes a fresh and pretty drink served in high style!

Make your gathering simply elegant with these beautiful glasses filled with your favorite drink. Serve with Marcona almonds with rosemary and olive oil or a bit of white truffle oil and you’re ready to entertain in relaxed elegance. These glasses are a wonderful way to delight your guests or the receiver of your thoughtful gift. 

Hope to see you soon,

— Kimberly

July 18, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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