Speaking of French Finds, this is one of them for sure — "Le Jardin du Quai" in L'Isle sur la Sorgue. A multi storied, vine clad villa with ice blue shutters stands amidst a verdant garden with dining tables all about - it could not have been more quintessentially provencal - utterly charming. I love these easy relaxed meals where you linger between the courses after a long day and soak up the atmosphere. We would never have found this gem, hidden as it was behind a tall wall, but our wonderful hosts at Le Clos Violette, who have an eye for beauty and a taste for fine dining gave us all the best recommendations throughout the area.  Priceless!  We actually returned to "Le Jardin" the very next day for lunch and decided to eat inside - beguiled by the floor of old french tiles and vintage counter dining surrounding a grand island with an astonishing floral arrangement ringed by luscious desserts - including a regional favorite - le Tart Tropezienne. Did we indulge? Oh la la!

July 09, 2016 by Kimberly Hayes



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