From Kim:

I've long wanted to be at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the lighting of their Baroque Neapolitan Christmas Tree . The grand tree, festooned with flying angles and gorgeous creche figurines, is backed by an 18th century Spanish wrought iron choir screen, and located in the Medieval Sculpture Gallery.  Throughout the gallery, numerous renderings of Mary and Christ are displayed and no matter the material; wood, stone, ivory and pictured here, terra cotta - they are all precious renderings of a mother and child, and the very reason we celebrate Christmas. That said, their timeless appeal is universal regardless of belief as everyone recognizes the devotion and sacredness of motherhood.  The relief here, Virgin and Child, was created around 1475 by Andrea della Robbia, nephew of Luca who mastered the technique of a ceramic glaze that made such art and decoration suitable for both interior and exterior decoration.  The mood of this piece is serene and knowing. I always love to see the rendering of angels, their wings can be simple and pure like these perhaps white gull wings, some other favorite angels with fabulous wings are at Sainte Chapelle - there, with peacock and parrot wings.

August 07, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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