From Kim:

We were told, quite emphatically, there were no public beaches in Portofino, but I couldn't believe that to be true.  So suit under shorts, we headed off on a narrow footpath  above the precious seaside town and first came upon a handsome castle: Castello Brown. Not too far from there, an offshoot of the main path pointed: SPIAGGIA. I knew there must be and so it was, a teeny tiny beach, just barely, but at least an entrance to the dazzling turquoise sea.  After a brief dip, we continued to meander toward the promontory of the peninsula, where we enjoyed a bellini with freshly pureed peaches and a chocolate banana milkshake at Al Faro, created by it's irrepressible impresario, below the picturesque lighthouse; "faro" in Italian.

August 07, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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