Warm colors in luxurious tones and textures will keep winter at bay and  inspire dreams of exotic destinations

1 Marrakech Signature Candle made in US $42.00

2 Antelope suede shawls from Italy $895

3 Quartz, baroque pearl and brass bead jewelry $95-395.00

4 Suede fringe drawstring purse from Marrakech $395

5 Two tone scarf from Paris $95

6 Silk velvet ikat pillows from Istanbul $245

From Kim:

The shades above evoke the warmth of a dessert landscape and sun swept sand dunes. Closer to the city, these varied and rich earth tones create the beautiful exterior colorations of buildings in the ancient city of Marrakech. Inside, the central courtyards and gardens offer lush contrast and cool relief. The vibrant city sounds disappear and there is calm, a three dimensional balm for the senses, a dedicated place for tea, reflection, an engrossing book. Marrakesh is a veritable mecca of exquisite, small hotels known as riads, with extraordinary architecture and decor, impeccable service and beautiful meals. Some of my favorites include Dar Housnia, pictured above, L'Hotel, pictured here, Riad Camilia and Talla 12. We just received two giant crates of decorative hand carved tent posts, decorative pots, rafia placemats and more; create your own oasis wherever you call home.

August 08, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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