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From Kim:

Note the mirror above, one of many exquisite mirrors, doors, tables and textiles I found recently while in Morocco. Marrakech in particular, has long been a destination of chic Parisians and other savvy travelers seeking a unique and intriguing culture with sublime architecture, decorative arts and cuisine.

Most recently I stayed at a small charming riad called talaa 12, located on the north end of the main marketplace. I found it via Mr. & Mrs. Smith, a travel company I highly recommend out of London.  After hours of shopping in 90 degree heat, amid bustling crowds, the calls to prayer and the tens of thousands of things to see, this room was a true oasis.  Opening onto the central interior garden, this magical  room was a quiet and serene haven in the midst of a vibrant and ancient city.

July 05, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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