We have a stunning new assortment of luxurious textures and textiles in a marvelous range of natural colors and amazing fibers. Lovely clothes and scarves to wear, as well as pieces to decorate and add comfort and beauty to your home.

Come and experience the soft touch and elegance of these pieces in our new location: 1253 Coast Village Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.

  1. Cashmere-like Throw From Portugal
  2. Cashmere Throw and Lambskin Pillow
  3. Assorted Cashmere Shawls
  4. Assorted Cashmere Shawls
  5. Cowhide Pillows
  6. Mohair Fringe Throw
  7. Wool and Rabbit Fur Throw
  8. Natural Weave Sweaters
  9. Tibetan Lamb Throw

See you soon in the store to feel these luxurious textures for yourself.

From Kim: No trip to Paris is complete without a stroll through Palais-Royal. There are a multitude of moods and aspects to experience - Quiet strolls through the long galleries, early morning or late evening, when all the businesses are closed or prime time when people are sitting around the central fountain, walking through the allée of plane trees, visiting Serge Lutens, Masion de Vacance and Didier Ludot or sipping espresso at a cafe contemplating this vibrant and grand creation which began as a 17th century palace.

July 19, 2023 by Kimberly Hayes

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