From Kim:

Pictured here is a "still" from L'Année Dernière à Marienbad - Last Year at Marienbad. It's a classic with many fervent admirers, like myself, who are entranced by the mystifying story with exquisite staging, mood and cinematography.

The film is shot within the interiors and gardens of several chateaux around Munich and while this isn't the Riviera, (Marienbad is actually a Czech spa town) the glamour and essence of the film puts it in the same ranks. Delphine Seyrig (as "the woman") is always perfectly coiffed and stunningly dressed by Channel throughout. My favorite scene is of Delphine in her bedroom wearing a marabou edged robe sitting upon a small chair among what seems like a hundred pair of shoes. The black and white riviera glamour style of this film is fantastique!

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